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These free printable Easter scavenger hunts for little kids are sure to add some fun and excitement to your Easter celebrations this year!

free printable Easter scavenger hunt for kids

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Scavenger hunts are fun for kids of all ages – and for all holidays! My kids love doing scavenger hunts, or treasure hunts as they are sometimes called. For older kids, it’s fun to use clues that you read and figure out as you go from one spot to another.

But what if you have younger kids who can’t read yet, or who are too young to figure out what the clues mean? That’s where these free printable Easter scavenger hunts come in! They are easy to use and fun for your little ones as well!

Simply print a checklist for each child. Then print and cut out the page of picture cards and hide these cards around either a room, your house, or even outside! Have your child search for the cards, checking that picture off of their checklist as they find each one. It’s a simple game, yet one that younger kiddos are sure to love! They may even want to play over and over again!

In the free resource library here on the blog, you’ll find two free picture card Easter scavenger hunts. One is non-religious with cute spring and Easter themed pictures. The second one is religious and includes pictures from the Easter story in the Bible. This scavenger hunt is not only fun, but will also help teach your child the true meaning of Easter.

Whichever free printable scavenger hunt you decide on (or you can do both!), your child is bound to have a great time!

Sign up below to get both of these free printable Easter scavenger hunts! Plus, you’ll also get access to my entire free resource library!

free printable Easter scavenger hunt.

And if you have older kids and are looking for Easter scavenger hunts that have clues to follow, then head on over to my Etsy shop (Learn, Play, and Create). There you’ll find a non-religious Easter scavenger hunt as well as a religious version that helps teach the true Easter story – both with clues that older kids can read and follow. You can also find a fun Easter Bible story trivia game as well!

etsy shop listing for the Easter story scavenger hunt
Etsy shop listing for non religious Easter scavenger hunt

I hope that your kiddos enjoy these printable Easter scavenger hunts as much as my kids do!

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