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February may be the shortest month of the year, but sometimes it can feel so long! If these cold winter days have you searching for something to do with your kids, then this list of 39 fun February activities can help!

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Even though February has fewer days than any other month, it doesn’t always feel that way! The days are still short and depending on where you live, are still cold too! Your kids (and maybe you!) might even be starting to get a little cabin fever. If so, then these February activities are just what you need to add a little excitement and fun back into your homeschool days or family time!

Fun & Easy February Activities For Kids

1. Make shadow puppets

See how many different shadow puppet animals you can make. You could even try to put on a show! This would also be a great activity to do on February 2nd to celebrate Groundhog Day.

2. Look for your own shadow

Head outside on February 2nd for another Groundhog Day activity. Check to see if you can spot your own shadow, just like Punxsutawney Phil! Then come back inside to warm up by reading fun Groundhog Day books together.

3. Make a bird feeder

February is National Bird Feeding month and February 3rd is Feed the Birds Day, so what better way to celebrate than by making your own bird feeders. Here are more than 30 ideas on how to make your own feeders with the kids, so you’re sure to find a way that will work for you! Also, there are some really helpful tips for feeding birds in the winter on the Birds and Blooms website if you want to learn more.

4. Try birdwatching

You can do this from inside your house where it’s warm, or you could bundle up and head outside to see how many birds you can find. Not only is this a good February activity, but it’s also a great way to study nature in the winter since the birds you see now are different than what you would see in the other seasons.

Another interesting bird activity is to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count that is held towards the middle of February. It’s free to do and a fun way to join in with people from all over the world and observe the birds that are right in your own backyard.

5. Eat ice cream for breakfast

I’m pretty sure that besides Christmas and their birthdays, this is my kids favorite day! I mean who can blame them though – they get ice cream for breakfast! So, in honor of “eat ice cream for breakfast” day (which is celebrated on the first Saturday of February), grab a bowl and spoon and enjoy this once a year tasty holiday!

6. Make ice cream in a bag

This is a great activity to do anytime of the year, but it would be perfect for “eat ice cream for breakfast” day! You don’t need many ingredients, and since it can be quite the workout, your kids will get out some of their energy at the same time! Here is a great site with an “ice cream in a bag” recipe, as well as information about the science behind why this works.

7. Sit around a fire

Whether it’s a campfire outside or a fireplace inside, a fire is the perfect place to sit around and enjoy talking with each other or telling stories, making this a great February activity!

8. Have a movie night

My kids love to have family movie nights at home! They actually prefer it over going to an actual theater – which is fine with me, it’s cheaper and we get to stay in our pajamas! We like to pick our favorite movie, make some popcorn, and grab some yummy snacks. It’s a cheap way to spend time together doing something fun – and it’s indoors, making it great for those cold February nights!

Add to the movie night fun by using these FREE printable tickets, just sign up below! Plus, you’ll get access to my entire free resource library!

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9. Make your own pizza

Celebrate National Pizza Day (February 9th) by having a “make your own pizza station” and letting everyone make their own personal pizza. Not only is this a fun activity to do together, but you also get a yummy meal in the end as a bonus!

10. Create something

Let your imagination run wild as you use household items to create something new. Maybe it’s a game, a robot, a marble run, or even a crazy piece of art. This is a great project to do for National Inventors Day (February 11th), and to encourage your kid’s creative side!

11. Make an igloo

This would be fun to do if you live where it snows, but it can also be done without snow. You can use sugar cubes and a few other simple items to make a small igloo – right from the comfort and warmth of your home!

12. Make rock candy

Here’s another sweet project that your kids will love! All it takes is a few simple ingredients – and lots of sugar and patience, but it’s worth it! Making rock candy is a great STEM project and a good way to spend a cold February day.

13. Put on a show

Gather everyone together and do a skit, or even a puppet show. There’s a job for everyone with this activity, even if you are just part of the audience!

14. Make homemade soup

Put together a batch of your family’s favorite soup, or try a new recipe in honor of National Soup Day (February 4th). Or if your kids are older and you’re feeling brave, you can even turn this into a cooking competition to see which team, or person, makes the best soup!

15. Read books

Grab some family favorites, as well as some new books, and curl up on the couch under a warm blanket and spend some time reading together. A great activity for a cold day, or any day really!

16. Have a game day party

If you’re into football, then having a Super Bowl party would be a great February activity! You can make yummy snacks, watch the game, and enjoy spending time with family and maybe even some friends as well!

17. Go on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt

You can make up your own game and clues, or use a premade printable scavenger hunt like the one here. Either way, your kids are sure to love this Valentine’s Day activity! And if you want more Valentine’s Day game ideas, head on over to Play, Party, Plan!

18. Eat Chinese food

February 6th is National Chopsticks Day, and what better way to celebrate than to put your chopstick skills to the test while eating homemade or takeout Chinese food!

19. Make snow dough

Even if you have real snow where you live, this fake snow dough is still fun to make and play with! All you need is cornstarch and lotion – that’s it! Here are more instructions on how to make this “cool” snow dough!

20. Read Shine-a-Light books

My kids loved these books when they were younger (and still enjoy them now!). They are great to read anytime, but they would be especially fun to read on a cold day while snuggled under a blanket! Or even in a cozy blanket fort!

All you need is a Shine-a-Light book and a flashlight. There are pictures on the back of the pages that can be seen when a light is shined behind it, or the book is held up to the light. There are lots of different titles covering many topics, so you’re sure to find ones that your kids will enjoy!

21. Eat strawberries

Celebrate National Strawberry Day on February 27th by making a tasty treat using strawberries!

For a FREE printable list of even more fun holidays to celebrate, simply sign up below! You’ll also get access to my resource library!

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22. Make a taco bar

Gather all your ingredients and set up a make-your-own taco bar! It’s a fun activity as well as an easy way to make dinner – that’s what I call a win-win!

23. Make slime

There are tons of ways to make slime, but I think that this Valentine’s Day fluffy slime would be a great February activity to try!

24. Celebrate polar bears

February 27th is National Polar Bear Day, so learn more about these cold weather animals by reading a good book. Or try a cool STEM experiment to see how polar bears stay warm!

25. Have a talent show

Let you family (or friends) pick some things that they are good at and put on your own talent show!

26. Play games

We love to play games at my house all year round, but they are especially fun to do on these long, cold winter days. So grab your favorite board games (or card games, dice games, whatever!) and have a good old family game night! (And here are some more ideas of things you can do for family night).

27. Have an indoor picnic

It may be too cold to eat outside where you live (it definitely is for me!), but you can still enjoy having a picnic! Just bring the picnic fun indoors by spreading out a blanket, and eating your food right there in the warmth and comfort of your own home!

28. Play Valentine’s Day Minute to Win it games

We love to do these quick and easy Minute to Win it games at our house because they are simple to prep and set up, fun to play, and everyone always has a good time. There are tons of games to play all year round, but since this is a list of February activities, why not try these Valentine’s Day themed Minute to Win it ones!

29. Make a Valentine’s Day treat

Staying on the theme of Valentine’s Day, here is an easy recipe for yummy Valentine’s Rice Krispy treats. Let the kids help out and now this becomes an activity and snack all in one! And if you don’t like Rice Krispy treats, then I’m sure that any special Valentine’s Day snack you make would be appreciated!

30. Camp out

Before you get too scared with this one, I am definitely not suggesting that you head outside to spend the night! It is way too cold in February where I live to even think about doing that! But, you can still have a camp out, even when the weather outside is less than ideal.

Putting some mattresses and sleeping bags out on your living room floor and having an indoor camp out will still be a fun activity that I’m sure your kids will love! You can even tell fun stories and make smore’s in the microwave!

31. Do a science experiment

Mix up your normal STEM activities and science experiments by adding a fun Valentine’s Day twist. Steamsational has over 50 great STEM Valentine’s activities for you and your kids to try!

32. Make your own Valentine’s Day cards

Encourage your kids to get creative and make their family and friends homemade Valentine’s Day cards or pictures. The people who get these thoughtful cards are sure to love them!

33. Do a “heart attack”

Fill out a heart each day leading up to Valentine’s Day with a reason why you love your child and put it on their door each day. Your kids can also get in on the action by filling out hearts themselves and giving them to other family members or friends…a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them.

There are many ways to let our kids know we love them, but here are 41 creative ways to show love if you need more ideas!

Sign up below for these FREE printable hearts that you can fill out and give to your kids or loved ones!

printable hearts for ways to show love to kids

34. Make a healthy snack

February is National Snack Month, and what better way to celebrate than by making some yummy snacks of your own. Maybe you can even try out some new healthy snack recipes too!

35. Have you own family Winter Olympics

This would be a fun activity to do if you are a competitive family, or just really like sports or the Olympics! The games can be anything you want – just have fun with it! And if you want some ideas on what you can do for your own family Winter Olympics, check out Play, Party, Plan.

36. Fly a kite

I don’t usually think of kite flying when I think of February. But, in honor of National Fly a Kite Day on February 8th, this would be a fun activity to do. You can use a store bought kite or even try making your own – either way, this is a great way to get outside for a bit of exercise and fresh air!

37. Mail someone a letter or card

Make someone’s day by sending them a handwritten letter or handmade card in the mail. It’s a good skill for kids to learn, and you’ll be making someone happy at the same time. And as a bonus, you would be celebrating “Send a Card to a Friend” Day if you did this on February 7th!

38. Have a cooking competition

Depending on the ages of your kids, you can do this in teams or individually. And how you set up your competition and the “rules” you give are totally up to you based on what works for your family. The idea is to see who can make the best dish, who used the given ingredients in the most creative way, whose dish was the most interesting – whatever you want!

39. Read a fairy tale

Fairy tales are fun to read anytime of the year, but they’re especially great on National Tell a Fairy Tale Day (on February 26th)! Grab your family’s favorite fairy tale, or get creative and make up your own stories.

For an added twist, you can each take turns adding another part onto the story until the story is finished. One person starts the story by saying a few sentences, then the next person adds on a few more sentences, then another person adds to that with their own idea, and so on until the story is done.

Even though the weather may not be the best quite yet, there is still plenty of excitement to be had with these fun February activities! So whether you want to stay inside, or head outdoors, there is something for everyone!

What are some of the things you like to do with your kids in the winter?

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