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Have you been trying to find wholesome, appropriate magazines for your kids to read, but are discouraged by the selection? If so, then this list of Christian magazines for kids (and the whole family) may help!

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It can be hard finding something that is safe for your child to read, but that they will still enjoy. There are plenty of magazines out there that fun, but some may not teach the best lessons or align with your values.

This list of Christian magazines for kids can help do both! They are fun and engaging while at the same time helping to strengthen your child’s faith and teach valuable, biblical lessons.

I have organized this list into age groups, but you may find that magazines from an older or younger age group are better suited for your child. So use these age groups more like a guide to help you make the right choice for your family.

Christian Magazines for Kids (by age range)

Preschool and early elementary ages:

  • Clubhouse Jr. (ages 3-7) – This magazine is published by Focus on the Family and includes fun games, puzzles, jokes, stories, and activities that reinforce biblical values. Each monthly issue encourages thinking and reading skills while teaching spiritual truths.
  • God’s Big WORLD (ages 3-6) – From World News Group, God’s Big WORLD is a bimonthly (6 issues a year) magazine for young children. It focuses on current events in the context of God’s plan and purpose. It is unique in that there is a printed magazine, as well as online material. Also it is designed to pull apart into 8 weekly lessons. There are stories, photographs, skill building activities, Bible verses, and a “read to me” section for parents to read aloud to their child.
  • Happy Times (ages 3-5) – This magazine for preschoolers is published 6 times a year. It includes stories, crafts, recipes, activities and more – all focusing on what they call, “tell-me-about Jesus moments.”

Middle to upper elementary ages:

  • Discovery (ages 8-12) – This is published by Apologetics Press and is an eight page, monthly magazine with faith building lessons on the Bible and science. It includes puzzles, interesting facts, stories, and activities.
  • Clubhouse (ages 8-12) – Another Focus on the Family publication, but this one is for older children. They send monthly issues with stories about normal kids who are doing great things for God. It also includes fiction stories, jokes, recipes, puzzles, and exclusive Adventures in Odyssey content only found in the magazine. It aims to reinforce traditional values and strengthen your child’s faith.
  • WORLDkids (ages 7-10) – This is also a Christian magazine for kids from World News Group and is the next age level up from God’s Big WORLD magazine. It also focuses on current events and helps older children look for the truth as well as how to relate biblical wisdom and knowledge to their own lives. There are six print magazines a year as well as online content so you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information.

Christian magazines for tweens and teens:

  • Brio (teens) – Designed to give teen girls a place to go for culturally relevant topics from a Christian perspective. It also features inspiring stories, health and beauty tips, fun activities, and more – all while keeping the focus on our faith.
  • For Girls Like You (tweens) – Created to help teach, grow, inspire and entertain your tween girls while reminding them they are God’s girl first. This is done through stories, activities, fun ideas, and interactive pages. The publisher calls it a “Christ-centered, fun-filled, edu-tainment-style magazine.”
  • WORLDteen (ages 11-14) – Another bimonthly publication from World News Group focusing on current events and designed for tweens and teens. They can learn about the world around them while seeing how God is working His purpose out in all things. There is also WORLD Magazine for older teens and adults if you feel that is more appropriate for your child.
  • Discovery (ages 8-12) – Also see the list above for more information.

For the whole family:

  • Creation Illustrated – If your family enjoys nature, then this quarterly print magazine may be a good fit for you. You get four print copies a year, as well as free digital copies. This Christian magazine includes nature lessons, photos, and articles and is referred to as a Bible-based nature journal focusing on nature and creation. They also have a shop with a variety of nature/creation focused unit studies for children.
  • Answers – From Answers in Genesis, this magazine is more for adults than children, but I included it in this list because as a subscriber you also get downloads for kids. And with every issue of Answers, you also get access to the Kids Answers section, showing the wonders of God’s Creation through fun activities, stories, and facts.
  • Nature Friend – This nature magazine can be enjoyed by the whole family and is Creator-honoring. In it you will find crafts, stories, learn to draw lessons, puzzles, and phots. They send out issues monthly and each print subscription comes with digital access to the archives. They also have the option to add on a study guide for each month if you’d like.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find faith filled, God honoring magazines that teach values and biblical lessons. I hope that this list of Christian magazines for kids and families has been helpful in finding something that will strengthen your child’s faith while having fun. You’ll be able to feel good about what your child is reading and maybe you can even join in and read some of the stories aloud to them!

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