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Are you looking for something fun to do this summer with your kids? If so, then consider bowling! It’s fun, good on a hot or rainy day, and it may even be free for the summer!

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Bowling is a great family activity for anytime of the year. It’s indoors so when it’s rainy, too hot, or too cold outside, you still have a place to go and have fun together. I especially like bowling in the summer, mainly due to an awesome program called Kids Bowl Free.

It’s not available in every city or town, but if you live near a participating bowling center (which you can check right on their website), then it is definitely something worth signing up for. Below you will find more information on the program and how to sign your kids up.

What exactly is the Kids Bowl Free program?

Kids Bowl Free is a program that parents (or guardians) can sign their children up for so that they can bowl for free during the summer. They work with participating bowling centers all around the US to offer this free program each summer.

It allows you to register up to six children who will then be able to bowl 2 free games each day throughout the summer. Each location decides on the age requirements for this program, so the limit can vary from center to center. Where I live it is valid for up to six kids between the ages of 2-15, but again, the bowling center near you could be different.

What are the dates of Kids Bowl Free?

Another thing that varies from place to place is what dates the program is valid for. Some start in April, others begin in May. My center runs this program from the end of April to the beginning of September, but your bowling alley may be different. You will get all of these details when you sign your children up through the Kids Bowl Free website.

I have found however, that they tend to start this program a little bit before the typical summer months, which is great. So by starting in April or May you’ll have even more chances to enjoy free games!

How do you sign up?

  1. Go to the Kids Bowl Free website to register. It’s important to note that even if you have registered in the past, you will still need to do it again. It is super quick and easy to sign up, but you do need to redo it every year.
  2. You will need to pick the location where you will be bowling at. The registration is only valid at that bowling center and cannot be used at any other location (unless specifically stating otherwise).
  3. After picking your location, enter your information (your name, address, phone number, an email address, and password).
  4. Enter the names and birthdays of each child you wish to sign up. My bowling center allows up to six children to be registered.
  5. Check the boxes you’d like at the bottom, then click “Sign up now!” (I keep the option to email me the coupons checked so that way I can easily get them every week, but you don’t have to do that. You can also sign into your account whenever you want to print the coupons).

Is there a Kids Bowl Free Coupon?

The way that your child gets their 2 free games of bowling per day is by bringing in your printed coupons (I believe there is also a Kids Bowl Free app, but I have never used this so I’m not sure how it works). Here is the easiest way to get your weekly coupons:

  1. After you’ve signed up, check your email or Kids Bowl Free account for that weeks coupons (you will get one weeks worth of coupons emailed to you each week for every child that is registered ).
  2. Print the coupons, head to the bowling alley you’ve selected, and have fun! (Take note of the days, hours, and any additional information listed on the coupons).

Are there any other additional fees?

There is no cost to play the 2 free games per day if you have your own bowling shoes. If you don’t have shoes, then there is a small fee to rent them. Some locations may have an unlimited shoe rental pass that you can buy. It may be worth it if you think that you will be bowling a lot throughout the summer.

The only other thing you could pay for if you want, is the totally optional Kids Bowl Free Family Pass. You will see this offer when you register your child online, but you are not required to get it. Your child can still bowl 2 games per day for free regardless of whether or not you buy the family pass (you’ll just need to pay for the shoe rental).

What is the Kids Bowl Free Family Pass?

If your whole family likes to bowl, then the family pass may be a good deal for you. For a one time payment (which varies by location), you can purchase the optional family pass. You can get either a 2 person or 4 person pass. This pass will cover yourself and one or three other adults (depending on what pass you buy). This is great if you have older kids that don’t qualify for the free games because they are too old.

The family pass is good through the summer, so adults and teens can bowl right alongside the younger kids who will receive their 2 free games per day. Again, if you do not have bowling shoes you will need to pay to rent some. But, if your family likes to bowl together, then the Kids Bowl Free Family Pass may be a great option for you.

Not only is bowling fun, but it’s a great way to spend time together as a family. And with programs like Kids Bowl Free, it’s also affordable (if there are no participating bowling centers near you, you can always try AMF Bowling, which offers a summer season pass).

And if you need more ways to have fun together, check out my ultimate list of 67 family fun night ideas! You’re sure to find plenty of ways to keep the fun going all year long!

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