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Do you want to have more fun with you family, but don’t know where to start? Well look no further! This list of 67 fun and easy ideas will help you plan the best family night ever!

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We all know that spending time together as a family is important, but it’s not always easy to find the time or ideas to make that happen on a regular basis. Maybe you’re having a hard time coming up with things to do, or maybe you just don’t know where to start when it comes planning fun family nights. Whatever it is, I am here to help!

This ultimate list of fun family night ideas will give you lots of different options for things you can do together with your family. And many of these ideas are inexpensive, or better yet, free!

But first, what exactly is a family night?

A family night is simply a time set aside to do something fun and special with your family. It can be done with just your immediate family members, or include extended family members (grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) or friends as well.

And even though I am using the term “family night,” most of these activities can be done during any part of the day, not just in the evening or night time (although some of the ideas on the list are way more fun at night!).

So here it is – the ultimate list of 67 fun family night ideas that everyone will love!

Inexpensive (or free!) Ideas:

1. Talent show – Have everyone think of something that they are good at and put on your very own talent show. Be prepared for lots of laughter!

2. Go camping – You can go to a local campground or just set up a tent in your own backyard. Or, if the weather is an issue (or if nature really isn’t your thing!), you can always go camping right inside of your home.

3. Movie night – Pick out a great movie, make some popcorn, grab a few yummy snacks, and find a comfy spot to sit while you enjoy watching a movie in the comfort of your own home.

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4. Legos – You can each make something creative or you can have a Lego building competition to see who can build the funniest, most original, tallest, strongest, or coolest creation. You can also get a Lego kit and put it together as a family.

5. Puzzles – Find a new one to do or redo a family favorite and spend some time putting together a puzzle.

6. Make your own game – Get creative and make up your own board game, card game, or even a fun movement game.

7.Pillow fight. Give everyone some soft pillows and enjoy a good old fashion pillow fight!

8. Pictionary – Draw a picture and see if others can guess what you made. You can use paper, an easel, a chalkboard, a white board…whatever you have.

9. Build a fort – Grab some blankets or sheets and make a fort right inside of your own home. You can even try spending the night there!

10. Dance party – Turn up your favorite music and show off your cool dance moves!

11. Board games – Whether you play an old favorite or try something new, playing board games is always a fun way to spend time together. Plus, there are lots of other benefits to playing games with your kids besides just having a good time!

12. Make a video – Kids are already great with technology, so why not let them put their skills to use by having them make a family video. It can be silly, funny, or serious and can include family, friends, and even pets.

13. STEAM activity – Find a STEAM activity that looks interesting, fun, or challenging and work on it together as a family or in teams as part of a competition.

14. Comedy night – If you have kids that like to tell jokes or listen to jokes, then they will love this idea. Take turns telling jokes and riddles (made up ones or ones from joke books) and enjoy all of the laughter that is sure to follow!

15. Scavenger hunt – This can be as simple or as complex as you want. You can look around your home for certain objects or even go on a neighborhood scavenger hunt, either by driving or walking around your neighborhood to find all the objects on the list.

16. Shadow puppets – Use only your hands or cut out shapes, animals, people, or anything else you can think of and put on a shadow puppet show. (Alyssa at Where Imagination Grows has some helpful tips for how to make your own shadow puppets.

Kids Playing Shadow puppets Theatre outdoors

17. Invention Time – Find all kinds of random items from around your house or yard and see what cool and creative things you can make. A great activity for using your imagination! And if your child is really into inventions, they may like having their very own invention notebook – the perfect place to record all of the awesome ideas they have!

18. Video games – I know that we’re always trying to get kids away from screens and electronics, but sometimes it can be fun to sit down and play a game with them. Or you can have a competition to see who is the best gamer (I would definitely lose that competition!).

19. Bingo – A classic game that your family is sure to love. You can buy a premade Bingo game or even print one of your own.

20. Obstacle course – Get creative and make your own indoor (or outdoor) obstacle course and see how fast each person can go through it.

21. Card games – Like board games, card games are not only fun, but have a lot of benefits as well.

22. Fashion show – Dress up in your craziest, wackiest outfits and put on a fashion show. There can even be awards for the best dressed, most creative, silliest, or most colorful outfits!

23. Photo shoot – Plan an informal family photo shoot. You can have someone else take the pictures for you, use the timer on your phone, or just take selfies, but however you do it, have fun capturing these memories!

24. Read – Pick a book that everyone will like, find a comfortable place to sit, and enjoy the simplicity of reading books together. Not only is it fun, but there are other benefits to reading aloud to your children as well.

25. Charades – Split up into teams and play a fun game of charades where you act something out and your team tries to guess what it is.

Outdoor Ideas

26. Stargazing – You can use a telescope if you have one, but it’s not necessary. Just getting away from the lights and looking up at the stars is a great way to spend time together.

27. Watch a game – Go to a local sporting event and cheer on your favorite team!

28. Mini-golf – Spend the evening playing a fun round of mini-golf.

29. Flashlight tag – Grab a flashlight (and extra batteries!) and head outside for an exciting game of flashlight tag. It’s a combination of regular tag and hide-and-seek, but in the dark and with flashlights. Here are the directions for how to play flashlight tag.

30. Ice cream – Head on over to your favorite ice cream place and enjoy a cold, yummy treat!

31. Roast marshmallows – Have a campfire and roast some marshmallows. You can even go a step further and make some tasty s’mores too! And for a twist, try these yummy variations of s’mores in addition to the delicious classic! If you are not able to have a campfire or roast your marshmallows, you can always make s’mores right at home using the microwave.

32. Outdoor games – Play some fun outside games like tag, statue, or glow stick bowling!

33. Full moon hike – When the moon is full (and if weather cooperates) grab your gear and flashlights (or headlamps) and take a walk. It can be a short, simple walk or a longer hike, but either way you’ll be getting outside and having fun together.

34. BBQ time Fire up the grill and eat your meal outside. This way you can all be together and get a tasty meal at the same time!

35. Geocaching – Think of this as hiking mixed with treasure hunting. It’s a fun way to get out in nature, practice your mapping skills, and have fun finding “treasure” as a family. REI has a helpful article on how to get started with geocaching that is definitely worth reading before you head out if you have never done geocaching before.

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Indoor Ideas

36. Go to the theater – Take a trip to your local movie theater or attend a play or show that is being put on near you.

37. Bowling – Head to the bowling alley for some friendly competition! It may be worth checking out a great program called Kids Bowl Free to see if there are any participating bowling centers near you. If so, you can sign your children up for 2 free games of bowling each day throughout the summer. You can read more about the Kids Bowl Free program here.

38. Pizza night – Have a do-it-yourself pizza making party! Have some dough (homemade or store-bought) and toppings and let everyone make their own pizzas. This is not only a fun activity to do together as a family, but you also get a tasty meal in the end!

39. Arts and crafts – Get creative by having an art or craft night. Try your hand at painting, sketching, sculpting, or any other form of art. You can also look to Pinterest for tons of fun ideas on craft projects that you can make together.

40. Spa night – If you or someone in your family enjoys the spa, then try having a spa night. You can enjoy a fancy spa water bar, eat some tasty snacks, soak your feet, paint your nails, and use a fun and relaxing face mask all from the comfort of your own home!

41. Eat at a restaurant – Pick your family’s favorite restaurant and go out to eat for dinner instead of eating at home.

42. Active games – Play games that are more active like Minute to Win It games (which are super fun and hilarious!), keep the balloon in the air, Simeon says, or freeze dance (when the music stops, you have to freeze in place and stop dancing).

43. Cooking competition – Either play as teams or everyone is on their own and see who can make the best food item (cookie, pizza, pasta dish, salad, burger, etc.). With this idea you get a game and dinner all in one!

44. Formal night – Everyone gets all dressed up for a fancy dinner at home.

45. Museum – Spend the evening visiting a local museum. You may even be lucky enough to live near a museum that offers sleepovers!

46. Science experiments – Look up experiments that your family would like to try and then spend the evening doing some fun science projects together.

47. Visiting others – Meet up with friends or family at their home or other location and spend time visiting with people you haven’t seen in awhile.

48. Hide and seek- Play this classic game with your family and get ready for some fun!

49. Baking – Have fun baking up some yummy goodies together; either old family favorites or new recipes will work for this activity.

50. Surprise trip – Plan for a night away at a nearby hotel (bonus points if it has a pool!) and have fun on a mini vacation. If going away for the night doesn’t work, you can always have a fun staycation night right at home!

51. Escape room – Go to a local escape room and have fun solving puzzles and clues together in order to “escape.” Or you could go the DIY route and create your own escape room at home. The Activity Mom has some great ideas on how to make an escape room at home if you need some inspiration!

52. Cooking class – Look to see if there are any cooking classes near you and attend one together as a family. You may even find other fun classes to go to as well!

53. Karaoke – If you have a karaoke machine or can borrow one, that would be great, but if not, you can still turn up the music and have fun singing along to your favorite songs. Or if you’d like, you can turn it into a singing contest and pretend you’re on American Idol!

54. Nerf war – Grab your Nerf guns and darts and get ready for a friendly game of Nerf war (you can make up your own rules together as a family before the game begins).

55. Try a new recipe – Have fun making (and eating!) something new together. And who knows, it may even become a family favorite!

56. Magic show – Learn some new magic tricks and put on your very own magic show.

57. Time capsule – Spend the evening putting together a family time capsule. Include photos, art works, cards, newspaper clippings, mementos, and anything else you want. Decided where to place it when you’re done and when you will open it back up again.

58. Ice cream sundae bar – Have several different flavors of ice cream available as well as a variety of toppings and let everyone make their own sundaes.

Seasonal Ideas

59. Ice skating – Find a local outdoor skating rink and enjoy the winter weather together. If you live where it doesn’t get cold enough for outdoor rinks, head to your nearest indoor rink and have an equally fun time inside!

60. Fairs – Warmer weather means there are lots of opportunities to visit your state, town, or county fair and enjoy all the fun things a fair has to offer (especially the yummy food!).

61. Night time snowshoeing – If you live in a place that gets snow and you like to go snowshoeing, then maybe try mixing it up a bit by taking a full moon walk instead of one during the day.

62. Outdoor concert – During the summer many towns and cities hold free outdoor concerts. See if you can find one the whole family would like and enjoy some summertime fun.

63. Bucket list – Sit down as a family and create a bucket list of the things you want to do together. This can be especially fun and helpful in the summertime since kids typically have more free time. Learn more about what activities you can do together as you create your own summer bucket list!

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64. Build a snowman or snow fort – Again, this one only applies if you live where it snows, but try heading outside at night to make a snow fort or snowman. You can even decorate them with glow sticks!

65. Fireworks – Check out your local town or city to find where and when there will be fireworks, then sit back and enjoy the show!

66. Outdoor movies – Go to a drive-in theater or set up an outdoor movie theater at home and enjoy watching a great film outside for a change. Some towns and cities even hold movies in the park type events during the summer – worth checking out to see if your area has it.

67. Christmas lights – Gather everyone up, pile into the vehicle, and drive around your neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights and displays.

So there you have it – the ultimate list of 67 ways to have a fun family night!

If you would like to have this list in one handy place, then just sign up below and you will get this FREE printable with all of these fun ideas listed on a single page. It will be ready for you to print out and refer back to whenever you need it!

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Now that we have enough fun ideas to last us all year long, we can think more about why we would even want to have a family night, as well as how to plan one.

How do you plan a fun family night?

Maybe the thought of trying to organize and plan yet another activity makes you crazy, but planning a fun family night doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Follow the easy steps below and you will be well on your way to having the best family night around!

1. Pick a day that you know will work for everyone. This is sometimes the hardest part of the planning process due to everyone’s busy schedules, but it’s the most important part since you want to be sure your whole family can be there together!

2. Decide what you’ll do. The activity can be a surprise for your kids or they can help you decide what idea to pick, but either way you will need to choose what you’ll doing.

3. Gather materials or information. Once you have chosen the activity for your family night, get together all of the items that you’ll need or gather information on what you’ll be doing. For example, if you are doing a cooking competition, then make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and materials ready. Or if you want to go and play mini-golf, find out the hours, price, and address of where you’ll be going.

4. Have fun! The hard part is over and now you can simply enjoy spending quality time with your family while having fun with whatever activity you’ve picked!

See, not too stressful at all! With this helpful list of fun family night ideas, and a little bit of planning you are sure to have a great time while making memories with your family! And having fun together is always a good thing, but there are other benefits to family nights as well.

Benefits of family nights:

  1. It strengthens the bond between family members.
  2. You can start traditions that will turn into happy memories.
  3. It’s a great way to get to know each other better.
  4. It is a chance to spend quality time together.
  5. It builds self-esteem in your children.
  6. You can teach valuable skills such as sharing, taking turns, fairness, compassion, planning, cooking, and how to compromise all while doing something fun together.
  7. It can help to develop positive behaviors in your children.
  8. There will be a high chance of smiles and laughter!

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