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Have you tried doing this or that questions with your kids before? They’re a great way to start conversations or just have fun listening to each others answers!

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If you’ve never done ‘this or that’ questions with your kids, then now is a good time to give them a go! Similar to would you rather questions, these winter this or that questions will get your kids talking and thinking about which of the two options they would prefer. It’s a great way to start conversations, get to know them better, and just have fun listening to each others answers.

There are no rules or materials required in winter this or that, making it the perfect game to play anywhere or anytime! Just read each question to your child and have them pick the option they’d like more. For example, you can ask, “board games or card games” and they choose which of the two things they would like best.

The great thing about this or that questions is that they can sometimes be open ended in that one child may interpret the question differently than another – and that’s ok! If you ask “sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies,” one child may think to answer by saying which one they prefer to eat, while another child may say which cookie they prefer to bake. And both responses would be great – there are no right or wrong answers!

I have included 85 winter this or that questions that you can use with your kiddos whenever you need a break from homeschool work, are in the car, waiting for an appointment, traveling, or anytime you just want to add a little fun to your day!

85 Fun Winter This or That Questions

1. Snowman or snow angels

2. Hot cocoa or eggnog

3. Snowshoeing or skiing

4. Dogsled or bobsled

5. Mittens or gloves

6. Snow or rain

7. Movie or Book

8. Sledding or tubing

9. Igloo or gingerbread house

10. Penguins or polar bears

11. Ice skate or walk

12. Arctic or Antarctica

13. Sweater or sweatshirt

14. Board games or card games

15. Indoors or outdoors

16. Smore’s or cookies

17. Marshmallows or no marshmallows

18. Cabin or hotel

19. Sugar cookies or chococlate chip cookies

20. Ice fishing or snowmobiling

21. Boots or sneakers

22. Chili or soup

23. Ice sculpture or snow fort

24. Rudolph or Frosty

25. Sledding or waterslides

26. Campfire or fireplace

27. Roasted marshmallows or unroasted marshamallows

28. Short books or long books

29. Snowboarding or skiing

30. Real tree or fake tree

31. Ice skating or rollerblading

32. Blanket fort or snow fort

33. Raking leaves or shoveling snow

34. Christmas or New Year’s

35. Warm mittens or warm socks

36. Homecooked meal or takeout

37. Candy canes or chocolate

38. Winter or summer

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39. A pile of snow or a pile of leaves

40. Beaches or mountains

41. Hat or earmuffs

42. Colored lights or white lights

43. Snowball fight or sledding

44. Christmas songs or Christmas movies

45. Green or red

46. Snow or no snow

47. Fly or drive

48. Wrapped present or gift bag

49. Peppermint or vanilla

50. Snow fort or sandcastle

51. White chocolate or dark chocolate

52. Frozen pond or ice arena

53. Pumpkin or peppermint

54. Big hill or small hill

55. Singing music or listening to music

56. Hat or scarf

57. Stay home or travel

58. Movie night or game night

59. Cupcakes or cookies

60. Super Bowl or Winter Olympics

61. Slippers or fuzzy socks

62. Decorate cookies or decorate a gingerbread house

63. Ice hockey or ice skating

64. Pancakes or waffles

65. Wet mittens or wet socks

66. New toy or new game

67. Itchy sweater or ugly sweater

68. Carrot nose or bright red nose

69. Traditional carols or new Christmas songs

70. Cold hands or cold feet

71. Ice castle or ice sculpture

72. North Pole or South Pole

73. Winter vacation or summer vacation

74. Pet reindeer or pet penguin

75. White or blue

76. New socks or new mittens

77. Blizzard or hurricane

78. Small gift or large gift

79. Hot cocoa or hot cider

80. Arctic fox or snowy owl

81. Matching pajamas or different pajamas

82. Fudge or cookies

83. Warm weather or cold weather

84. Gold or silver

85. Boots that are too big or boots that are too small

Your kids (and you too!) are sure to have fun asking each other these winter this or that questions and finding out what everyone would pick – some answers might even surprise you!

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